A big day!

Braxton will be having surgery on Monday. He will have a peg tube placed. I’m scared, excited, nervous, anxious, just about every emotion possible. 

It’s a good thing I just know it. The NG tube is such a pain in the butt. It’s a tiny torture device. I am happy to see it go. Ready for the constant reminder that he’s different. The billboard welcoming people to ask what’s wrong with him. 

I’m told by many that placing the tube will help him become more comfortable with eating. No more half swallowed piece of spaghetti in the back of his throat gagging him with each bite he takes. 

I’m nervous because he will be under anesthesia. I’m told it’s a simple procedure but nothing seems to be as simple as it’s supposed to be. 

Positive thoughts only. It’s positive Thursday! 

I can’t wait to kiss his cheeks. Play with no tubes. 

I’m so ready for life to be somewhat normal! As normal as we can get with a child that is special needs. Regardless he’s perfect. 

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