I’m late posting. I could say I have been busy but anyone that knows me could tell you I’ve had plenty of time. 

I struggle to turn my thoughts into something people can understand. Sharing enough but not too much. 

I’m going to let photos tell as much of the story as possible. 

So here we are. Five weeks after the surgery and time to put it out there. 

Braxton’s surgery was scheduled for 7:45am on July 31st. We needed to be there at 5:45 so we went down to Columbus and stayed in a hotel hoping to get just a bit more sleep than we would if we had gone down that morning. That doesn’t happen in a hotel even if it’s not the night before your 8 month old has surgery so needless to say I didn’t sleep a wink. 

We had fun as a family. Myself, husband, mother, and of course Braxton. The hotel had a pool. Braxton loves being in the water. 

The room wasn’t bad. It also wasn’t a five star hotel but Braxton didn’t mind! 

We woke up around 4:00. Gathered our things and headed off to the hospital. (It wasn’t nearly as smooth as it sounds, however, that’s a story for another time.)

The waiting was the worst part of the day. Waiting to be called back for prep and from there waiting until it was time for him to go back. 

We met with several different people; the nurses, surgeon, and the anesthesiologist. They all went over the procedure and let us know all would be ok. 

Once they took him back we waited again. It was a quick procedure but time seemed to move at a slower pace. 

He was in and out in less than an hour. 

When he was taken back to recovery we were walked to what would be his room for his hospital stay. 

We are at Nationwide more often than I would like to be. So often that it feels comfortable. Hospitals shouldn’t feel comfortable but I’ve become familiar with the environment. 

His room had a great view of downtown. 

When they brought him in he was groggy. He was also pretty cranky. They were giving him Tylenol for the pain but he’s always been a little sensitive. 

While he was coming down from the anesthesia we noticed he started having seizures. One right after the other for about 15 minutes. We were told the stress from the surgery was to blame. They gave him his nasal dose of Versed and an extra dose of Keppra to keep them at bay. 

Apparently Versed is a controlled substance. He was a little loopy for a bit after they gave it to him. 

It eventually helped him sleep. 

Once the drugs wore off and he started to feel the pain and discomfort he became more needy and fussy. Someone had to be touching him at all times. We didn’t mind one bit. 

It was a rough night. He was hard to put to sleep and once he finally was someone was in poking around and bothering him. None of us slept very well. We kept the movies going through the night to keep him occupied. 

The next day we napped when we could. Between rounds and other random visits. 

That same day we received our tube training and Braxton was discharged. 

We thought things could only go up from there!

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