Physical Therapy

Our sweet little boy has been in therapy for the last three weeks and has been receiving home visits for about four weeks. Each appointment and visit has been doing so much for his strength. 

Not only has he received amazing care from the professionals but I would like to acknowledge the care he receives from his aunt/babysitter. My sister April “Eant”. 

She has been so great with him from day one. I would love to spend all my time with him but since I am unable to I am so glad he is in her care. 

Since therapy has started Braxton has better control of his head, he can tolerate tummy time for a longer period of time, he can support himself on his elbows, has better control of his arms & hands, and has started the process of learning to roll. 

When we had first started I was still trying to process the idea of having a special needs child. In my mind he was just a little bit behind and could catch up in just a couple of days. I went into things with a goal of crawling by year one. 

I have since realized that this is going to be a slow process and should start with small goals and allow him to work at his own pace. 

My new goal is proper trunk support and unassisted sitting. We are on our way to reaching that. He sits very well with just the smallest amount of support. Just the otherday he sat long enough against the back of a chair to allow me to take a big boy picture on his seven month. 

Therapy has also done amazing things for me. I have heard so many negative things since this adventure has started and finally seeing a move in a positive direction has done so much for my spirit. I will always dream big for my boy but for now I am going to help him start small. 

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