My outlet

It was suggested to me that I start a blog. Not because I have something gravely important to say but because of a new Journey my family has started and I am finding it hard to adjust to. 

I need an outlet. An outlet to speak my mind and let it all out. Somewhere I can speak without feeling like the person everyone is trying to avoid. I’m emotional to say the least. People don’t know how to take me. I don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for me. I just need someone to listen. 

Even if nobody reads this I’m getting it out. Out is where it needs to be. I need to adjust and I can’t do that if I’m letting myself fill with sadness and fear. 

If nothing else I hope someone finds this helpful. I did research and found very little. I want to keep this journey and our struggles as positive as possible. Something I would like to be able to find for myself. If you are reading this please don’t feel it necessary to comment. Simply follow Braxton’s Journey.

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